Our Services & COVID-19

We're taking the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously, and are making every effort to minimise the impact on our communities. We will continue to adjust our strategies as the situation evolves, but the following is our current plan for each of our services.

Puppy School Classes

For puppies who have not completed their puppy vaccinations, we offer an Online Puppy School. These puppies can only attend classes indoors, on disinfected floors, and we currently cannot gather indoors. 

If the social distancing advice is relaxed part way through an Online Puppy course, we may arrange some optional in person puppy play dates for those students.

For more information about how these Online Puppy School classes work visit our Online Training page.

For dogs and puppies who are fully vaccinated, we are now offering an Outdoor Puppy School course, and a Modern Manners course. Distancing of 1.5m must still be maintained in these classes.

Keeping In-Person Classes Safe:

  • limit to 1 person per puppy

  • maintain 1.5m between humans (a standard leash is 1.2m - if your puppy can sniff anyone you're too close!)

  • bring your own everything - treats, bed, toy, chair, water, etc

  • if you are sick, stay home


Private Training

We're now offering online video coaching as an alternative to in home privates!  We’re really excited to provide this opportunity! 


Video calls are quite effective! They also save you time, you don’t have to clean the house for someone to come over, and we get to see the dog’s behaviour without another human being present, and the reduced distractions will accelerate their learning. 


During our video calls, we’ll cover the same dog training skills that we would've covered in-person. We’ll explain, demonstrate, answer questions, and provide feedback for each exercise - just like we would in-person! 

In line with directions from the Department for Health and Human Services, home private training can only be provided in cases where training is 'necessary', and where remote training is not an option. For this reason, we will offer in home private training on a case-by-case basis - contact us to discuss this with you if you feel you qualify. 

In all cases, we will:

  • maintain a distance of 1.5m 

  • wear masks and gloves

  • not touch your dog or their equipment

  • wash or disinfect our hands before and after our session

  • stay home if we are unwell


Dog Walking, Home Visits & Day Training

As with in home training dog walking, home visit, and day training services will be offered on a case-by-case basis, if the service is necessary. 


Please also note the following precautions:

  • Notify us if you are going to be at home when we visit, and/or if you are unwell

  • Facilitate contactless collection of your dog for walking or training - e.g. leaving them in a yard or front room 

  • If possible, we’d appreciate access to hand washing facilities so we can wash our hands with soap more often (we carry hand sanitiser to use otherwise)

  • We’ll be using our own leashes and toys

  • We'll wash our hands before and after handling harnesses, door handles, or any other owner belongings


Together we can help protect those most vulnerable in our communities.


If you have any questions or concerns about these precautions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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