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Walks & visits

Dog walks

We collect your dog(s) from your house, and their walker is completely focused on providing the best care, and most fun possible! Walks are tailored to the specific needs and preferences of your dog. They can include walking, playing games (especially if it’s too hot to be outdoors), and basic training practice. 


We keep dogs on-leash at all times unless you’ve requested that your dog has some off-leash play and we feel confident it’s safe to do so.


Enrichment add-on

Home visits

Home visits are great for cats, rabbits and other small animals when you’re away. They’re a fantastic, affordable alternative to sending them to a boarding kennel, cattery or pet hotel. They enjoy the comfort of being at home rather than in a small enclosure (at least relative to your place!). Most cats, rabbits and other small animals find travelling and boarding away from home very stressful. With home visits you can rest assured they’re comfortable at home while still being well looked after by a trusted professional. Plus it’s so much more convenient - we come to them!

All visits can include feeding, refreshing water, cleaning litter trays, walks, cuddle/playtime, brushing, and medicating. We can also check your mail, water plants and put your bins out/bring them in (or other minor household tasks if you wish).


Enrichment add-on

Puppy visits

Not fully vaccinated? No problem! We can visit your puppy and provide them with the fun and exercise of a walk, but in the comfort of their living room or backyard! Not to mention giving them a midday feed (it’s recommended puppies have at least 3 means daily), take them to the toilet, and clean up any messes! 

Enrichment & Socialisation add-on

You’ve probably heard that socialisation is vitally important for your puppy. Maybe someone told you they have to meet 100 people, or given you a list of hundreds of things they’re supposed to be ‘socialised’ to before they’re 14 weeks old. They’re not supposed to go outside until they’re vaccinated, and even when they are - where can you find the TIME to do all that? 


We can help with this add-on!. We’ll work with you to develop a socialisation plan for our visits and bring at least one novel object, sound, surface, food or smell for your puppy every visit. We’ll go at their pace, gently encouraging them to explore the item, and pairing it with good things for a positive experience. 

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