Train anywhere, train everywhere!

Help training your dog from the comfort of home!

online puppy school

This online course is still highly interactive, supportive and fun!​

  • 5 weeks of video lessons

  • go at your own pace!

  • each video is 5-10 minutes long, with detailed instructions and demonstrations

  • 1-on-1 video coaching lessons

  • weekly group video chats to connect with other owners, and ask any questions!

  • ongoing access to all video lessons; re-watch over and over!

  • ​problem solving for toilet training, puppy biting, chewing, jumping up, leaving alone and more

  • foundation cues; respond to name, sit, drop, give, and more

  • focus on a happy and harmonious life at home for you and your puppy

  • socialisation tips for novel objects, noises, various surfaces and basic handling for grooming and vet work

  • $200 per puppy

What about socialisation?

Socialisation is about much more than playing with other puppies, and we'll help you get a great start on socialisation in this course! 

But, for some safe puppy-puppy interaction we also have our Puppy Social Club! Located in Abbotsford these 

Read more about online and socialisation!

If your puppy has had all their puppy vaccinations, they may be suited to Outdoor Puppy School!

Online Video Private training
  • completely personalised; advice and training based on you and your dog/s specific needs

  • we teach you to train your dog via video call

  • how to set up your home so your new puppy or rescue dog succeeds (before or after they arrive!)

  • great for tailored advice:

    • puppy issues like toilet training, crate training, separation training, kids and puppies, and so much more!

    • walking skills like pulling on the leash, coming when called, overexcitement or reactivity, etc.

    • at-home manners including barking, jumping up, nipping, destructive behaviour, etc.
  • includes personalised follow up notes to remind you what you learned

  • Re-watch the lesson in your own time!

  • on-going support with our support hotline: call or email us with any 'problems'!

  • available everywhere!

Puppy Privates: $170 (for any normal 'puppy problems'*)

Other privates: $275 initial consult (packages available)

*For 'normal' puppy training only; for help with advanced training (trick training, agility, etc), or advanced problem behaviours (e.g. serious growling/biting, fear or anxiety, etc). Contact us if you're unsure.

Online Trick Training Fun!
  • tired out your active dog with BRAIN TRAINING! 

  • for dogs of all ages

  • have fun and build a stronger bond with your dog

  • Insta-worthy tricks to impress your friends and followers

  • go at your own pace!

  • each video lesson is 5-10 minutes long, with detailed instructions and demonstrations

  • 1-on-1 video coaching lessons for help specific to you and your dog!

  • weekly group video chats to show your progress, connect with other owners, and ask any questions!

  • ongoing access to all video lessons; re-watch over and over!

  • Re-watch the lesson in your own time!

  • available everywhere!


Intro to Trick Training (3 weeks): $80

Next Level Trick Training (5 weeks): $160

New dates coming soon!


What will be included in Online classes?

Weekly video lessons:

  • short videos for each training exercise 

  • explanations and demonstrations

  • watch in your own time

  • ongoing access to all video lessons; re-watch over and over!


Private video coaching:

  • 15 minute video call with your puppy 

  • your trainer will check your progress and coach you through any exercises you need help with


Weekly group video call:

  • a weekly call with the puppy trainer and all students that are able to attend

  • answering everyone's puppy questions!

  • advice about unwanted behaviours (e.g. toilet training, mouthing, barking digging, etc)

  • a recording will be sent to all students 


Facebook Group support 

  • connect with your trainer and fellow students

  • share photos and videos of your puppy and training

  • participate in socialisation activities posted here

But what about socialisation?

Yes, socialisation is very important for puppies this age. BUT you can do a lot of socialisation without other puppies! In fact, much of the most important socialisation is not about other dogs: traffic, bikes, thunder, fireworks, the vacuum, grooming and vet visits... and so much more. 


When trainers and animal professionals talk about “socialisation” they don’t just mean playing with puppies. It’s about having positive experiences with new things - and everything is new to your puppy! In this course, we’ll coach you through ways to socialise your puppy safely at home. 

Want some puppy-puppy play anyway?

Check out our Puppy Social Club sessions, offered as the perfect supplement to any puppy school in Abbotsford!

If you're offering puppy play sessions, why not in person classes?

Firstly, our Online Puppy School is proving to be a great success - students are doing even better than at our in-person classes!

But also, as we've seen, the restrictions around gatherings are in constant flux. We decided casual socialisation sessions were the best option to not disappoint people should courses need to be cancelled or moved online

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