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Harness & Leash Pack

Harness & Leash Pack


A versitle harness and leash combo! Attach at the back while training to prevent neck injury. Attach at the front for strong dogs that pull, to remove any reward for pulling. Attach both front and back for even more stability. 


The clips and rings on the leash can also be used to change the length, or easily use as a tether. 

Harness & leash colour

    If you product is faulty, we can replace it or refund it. If your puppy chews it up you're on your own!


    If you're training with us, we can bring your pack to your next class or private training session as long as you order at least 3 days prior. 

    We can ship anywhere in Australia, for standard shipping prices.


    If you're training with us, we will fit your dog to the appropriate size.

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